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   (3) 24x24x40 boxes

Our wardrobes moving boxes aren't wimpy! They are larger than most and double the strength. These hefty 24x24x40 wardrobe boxes are the perfect portable closet! You'll use them over and over again - great for storing winter & summer clothes too! Our heavy duty wardrobe boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Our wardrobe moving boxes come with a sturdy metal hanger bar in each.
wardrobe boxes w/ metal bar - 24x24x40 - wholesale, free delivery wholesale price for wardrobe boxes w/ metal bar - 24x24x40     

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How many wardrobe moving boxes do you need? Each of our wardrobe moving boxes will hold about 2 Feet of closet space. Grab a measuring tape and start measuring!

  Wardrobe Moving Box Instructions

wardrobe box installation instructions

1. Fold the flaps on the bottom of the wardrobe moving box and tape.
2. Fold 2 of the flaps inside, on the top of the wardrobe moving box.
3. Slide the hanger bar over the folded flaps.
4. Hang your clothes on the hanger bar
5. Tape up your wardrobe moving box and your done!

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All wardrobe moving boxes are priced wholesale with free delivery. All these savings passed to you makes our wardrobe moving boxes an incredible deal!

Wardrobe Moving Box Comparison Chartwardrobe boxes w/ metal bar - 24x24x40 - comparison chart payment options for wardrobe boxes w/ metal bar - 24x24x40

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