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Individuals & businesses sell many types of boxes, i.e., small to x-large moving boxes, wardrobe moving boxes, boxes for painting and pictures, custom cardboard shipping boxes, cargo boxes - cheap gaylord boxes and much more.

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Used Boxes For Sale In - USA - Georgia - Atlanta
Box Inventory
 Box Type Dimensions Condition Price/Box Qty Total Price
 X-Small Box 8x8x8 Brand New $.20 3000 $600.00
 X-Small Box 5x5x10 Brand New $.40 500 $200.00
 Small Box 20x15x8 Brand New $.60 9999 $5999.40
 Small Box 12x12x12 Brand New $.70 9999 $6999.30
 Medium Box 22x15x15 Like New $1.00 1500 $1500.00
 Medium Box 20x15x15 Brand New $1.25 9999 $12498.75
 Large Box 19x14x24 Brand New $1.50 1200 $1800.00
 Large Box 22x18x19 Brand New $2.00 1564 $3128.00
 X-Large Box 25x21x20 Like New $1.00 800 $800.00
 X-Large Box 26x26x26 Brand New $3.00 9999 $29997.00
 Cube Box 12 x 12 x 12 Brand New $.50 9999 $4999.50
 Cube Box 5 x 5 x 5 Brand New $.20 9999 $1999.80
 Cube Box 7 x 7 x 7 Brand New $.30 300 $90.00
 Cube Box 8 x 8 x 8 Brand New $.30 500 $150.00
 Cube Box 8 x 8 x 8 Brand New $.40 1000 $400.00
 Cube Box 14 x 14 x 14 Brand New $1.25 800 $1000.00
 Cube Box 16 x 16 x 16 Brand New $1.25 3300 $4125.00
 Cube Box 13x13x13 Brand New $1.00 1000 $1000.00
 Cube Box 15x15x12 Brand New $.90 9999 $8999.10
 Tall Box 18x14x28 Brand New $2.00 9999 $19998.00
 Tall Box 19x14x40 Brand New $4.00 9999 $39996.00
 Bicycle Box 52x6x31 Brand New $8.00 9999 $79992.00
 Bicycle Box 49x10x35 Brand New $10.00 9999 $99990.00
 Clothing/Linen Box 30x30x30 Brand New $3.00 9999 $29997.00
 Clothing/Linen Box 25x21x20 Like New $1.00 9999 $9999.00
 Dish/Glass Box 18 x 18 x 28 Brand New $10.00 9999 $99990.00
 Dish/Glass Box 21x14x13 Brand New $5.00 9999 $49995.00
 Electronics Box 20x15x5 Brand New $1.00 9999 $9999.00
 Electronics Box 17x13x7 Brand New $.60 9999 $5999.40
 File/Book Box w/Lid 18x10x10 Brand New $.70 9999 $6999.30
 File/Book Box no/Lid 17x13x8 w/ lid Brand New $.50 9999 $4999.50
 Lamp Box 18x18x30 Brand New $5.00 9999 $49995.00
 Lamp Box 19x14x40 Brand New $4.00 9999 $39996.00
 Picture/Mirror Box 36 x 6 x 42 Brand New $4.50 9999 $44995.50
 Picture/Mirror Box 34x5x33 Brand New $3.00 300 $900.00
 Picture/Mirror Box 49x10x34 Brand New $10.00 900 $9000.00
 TV/Microwave Box 49x10x34 Flat TV Brand New $10.00 9999 $99990.00
 TV/Microwave Box 52x6x31 Flat TV Brand New $8.00 9999 $79992.00
 Wardrobe Box (w/Bar) 24 x 21 x 47 Brand New $8.00 9999 $79992.00
 Wardrobe Box (w/Bar) 24x22x47 w/ bar Brand New $8.00 9999 $79992.00
 T O T A L : 276638$1029092.55
Note: Box Dimensions are in inches.

Name and Email
Contact NameLast NameEmail
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Used Boxes For Sale In - USA - Georgia - Atlanta

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